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Haripur is a green city in Hazara Division of N.W.F.P(KHYBER PAKHTUNKHWA). The name Haripur was derived from the name of a Sikh General, Hari Singh Nalwa. He staied in this city from 1822 to 1852. Hari Singh Nalwa was the second Nazim of Haripur hazara and he was appointed by Emperor Ranjit Singh. Amar Singh was first nazim of haripur during his rule over this city the city buildings,roads, sewaje system etc were not built properly, but when Hari Singh Nalwa came to rule over the city he managed the city properly and planned its everything therefor Haripur got the name after Hari Singh Nalwa. The name Hazara came from Amir Taimur who defeated the first nazim of Ranjit Singh and made a wall of soldiers arround the area with thousand(HAZAR) soldiers. The old name of haripur hazara was Pakhli Sarkar. It is written in some books that a wall was built around the city during the rule of Hari Singh Nalwa in order to make it a fort and protect the city but this is not true there are no sign of wall at any of the boundary line of Haripur city. The fort is situated in Tehsil Road or Fort Road around which a ditch about 30 feet wide and 30 feet high was constructed. It was filled with water so that no one can cross it. The fort was having 1 opening, that was a bridge. The fort is now a city police station

Ancient Rulers in Haripur Hazara:

* Prince Bindusara (about 200-272 B.C):

He was Ashoka's father. He ruled over a great part of Hazara in khanpur area. Period of his reign was about 50 years.

* Prince Ashoka(272 B.C):

After his father's death Bindusara he ruled over the city Hazara. He belonged to gandhara civilization. "DHARMARA JAKA STOPE" has old relics of both father and Prince Ashoka. The sign of his rule were discovered at three different places in Taxila.

* Amir Taimur (Great conqueror 1399-1472)

He conqueror the haripur city and left a legion of Karlugh Turks as a ruler in haripur hazara region.

* Turks:

Turk also ruled over this great city of hazara, abbottabad, Hassan abdal, mansehra etc. Still they have decendents over this city of haripur. Raja Amanullah Khan is also a turk and his shajra links to those old turks which ruled over hazara city, he was a speaker of national assembly of NWFP in 1980s. 18th century was the end of turk rule.

* Ghakars:

After turks Ghakars ruled, turks gradually lost their control from Hassan Abdal then Abbottabad and then Mansehra and Kashmir.

* Prince Shahabudin:

He was sent by Amir Taimur to lead those turks which were sent by Amir to rule over haripur. They named haripur hazara as Pakhli Sarkar, this was derived from their state named Pakhli Sarkar, this state was betweed Hassam Abdal and Kashmir.

* Hari Singh Nalwa:

He came in 1822, the name of haripur was actually derived after the name of Hari Singh Nalwa. He was sent by Ranjit Singh. He was a commander in Chief of Ranjit's Army.

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